BRS Offroad Accessories have equipped and prepared vehicles for expeditions into the continent of Africa and abroad for 20 years. As the appointed distributor and South African representative of MANTEC SERVICES (UL), we offer only the finest local & imported equipment available for your Land Rover.
Our skilled and experienced staff will guide & advise you regarding available equipment and accessories for you & your vehicle.
Whether you need sand tracks for the Kalahari or rock sliders for Lesotho, the BRS Offroad Accessories range of vehicle based equipment is designed to make life that little bit easier.
When your vehicle is equipped by BRS Offroad Accessories you can rest assured that only the best quality components are used.
Call us on 011 493-8404/5 to arrange for personalised expedition preparation by a company that does not have the “Let’s just fit everything” attitude towards offroading.